Why Lifestyle Photography?

I love lifestyle newborn/family photography.  Each story is beautiful, each family is special.  Lifestyle photography allows your story to be told through images.

When I had my first, I remember everyone saying “it goes by in a blink of an eye.”  I just smiled and agreed even though I didn’t really know or understand.  But guess what IT DOES!  I had all the right pictures of him during his baby years. Cute poses, cute outfits, cute props but nothing that screams…this is Joel, this is us and our story as a family.

My second was a very challenging little one.  My husband and I joke that we have blocked out his entire first year.  Looking back, I have very few memories besides sleepless nights, doctors visits and excessive crying.  It was during this time I began to challenge myself to capture my every day.  My everyday was messy: spit up stains, diaper explosions, toy explosions and everything in between.  Not only are the pictures proof that in fact I was present during his first year (again, very little memories) but they remind me of where I was as a mom and where we were as a family during this time.   I was an over-whelmed mom with a new baby trying and trying to juggle new experiences with my almost pre-schooler.  Our family was trying to figure out simple things  like “man on man coverage.”

After I had my third, I had a friend who happens to be a fantastic photographer come over to shoot us in our everyday with a newborn. Again, think stressed out mom still trying to figure it out. I was so worried that my house wasn’t perfect or photograph well. I had two weeks of laundry waiting to be folded and put away. She reassured me not to worry, I would love the pictures because this is me, this is my family, this is our story. And guess what. This is my favorite image of the session….


Picture by Brennan Lanter:

Yes, my then 4 year old jumping on a pile of clean clothes that we stashed in his room so no one would see our mess…a little ironic.


Having the perfect image to send to grandma, or put on Facebook is important.  We all want to show the world our best.  But lifestyle images are the “guts” of what photography is about.  Conveying emotions, feelings and memories through images.  I have not stopped capturing our everyday, our story. Here are a few of my favorites.

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